Galleria / Gallery 4


Wilma april-05


Jippie....a switchback..I slip down!!!


Now it's mine turn to try this "new" bed!!!


Kiwi and her big sister Terra April 2005




Dex o Kiwi 3 månader


Dex o Kiwi 3 månader



Vi har fått en ny "husfru"/ Our new "housewife"
Kiwi 10 weeks old



Tjenixen!!!/ Hallo!!!


Kiwi 10 weeks old





Best friends!!!
Wilma and Kiwi


Our three girls!
Tessie, Wilma and Moa September-04


In the background Wilma,
in the middle Moa, and in the front Tessie


Wilma and Chiefen,aug-04
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